Express Catalog Installed



It is only necessary that the product data is in some electronic format (EXCEL, Text, Database, etc). Data in other formats (PDF, WORD, etc) will be evaluated.


The Express Catalog has been developed for the general part market, serving MANUFACTURERS and DISTRIBUTORS.

Data Management

The Catalog Management software, which is in the hands of your company, ensures an easy update of product registration.

Updating can be done in two ways: one product at a time or in mass. In the mass update the product registration is done through files. The inclusion of product photos works the same way (individual or mass registration), but with one advantage: the catalog already makes all photos in the right dimension and size automatically, which avoids a great job for the Company.

You can also have control of customers who have registered and are using the catalog. It is possible to refer to each customer access statistics in the catalog, give them access to prices, and even block customers.

Online and Automatic Update

With this feature your company keeps the catalog updated in real time, can make available daily as many updates as necessary to keep your customers updated with the products that your company sells.

Your company releases a new product and at the same time your customer already knows!

How does it work: Whenever your customer accesses the catalog he will be informed that there are new updates. The catalog will only download product data that has been added or changed, making the process much faster!

Customer Registration

Full control of the companies and people who are consulting your products will be in the hands of your company. Through the Customer Registration of Catalog Management software your company can view and control all who are accessing the catalog, and show prices only for those who wish.